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Piglet Compound Enzyme

Piglet Compound Enzyme

Piglet compound enzyme



Product Description

It is suitable for mixed milk piglets with wheat, corn, barley and soybean meal.

Product Efficacy

1. Supplementation of inadequacy of endogenous enzyme secretion, activation of endogenous enzyme activity, and increase of feed utilization;

2. Reduce the intestinal chyme viscosity, promote the absorption of nutrients;

3. Improve the immunity of piglets and reduce the incidence of disease.

4. Destroying plant cell wall, promoting nutrient release and increasing nutrient digestibility;

5. Reduce gastrointestinal diseases, inhibit harmful intestinal microorganisms, livestock and poultry manure enhanced physique, reduce odor, beneficial to environmental protection.

Additive amount:

According to the difference of feed raw materials, 300-500 g / ton feed was added, and the proportion of premixed and concentrated feed increased proportionally.

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