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Thermostable Phytase

Thermostable Phytase

thermostable phytase


Thermostable Phytase

Product Description

Type 4 is the phytase gene engineering bacteria of phytase in the selection of more excellent by submerged fermentation and advanced production technology and postprocessing. The product has high enzymolysis efficiency, wide range of pH, acid resistance and heat resistance, high enzyme activity, can be widely used in all kinds of livestock feed.

product function.

1. It is effective to degrade phytic acid in feed, release inorganic phosphorus, replace calcium hydrogen phosphate, and reduce the cost of feed.

2. The antinutritional effect of phytic acid in feed was relieved, amino acid and mineral elements were released, the digestibility of starch, protein and trace elements was improved, and the pollution of environment was alleviated at the same time.

3. Reduce the amount of fluorine and other heavy metal poisoning caused by the addition of low quality inorganic phosphorus.

By using phytase, reducing the addition of inorganic phosphorus and reducing the acid power of feed system, it is beneficial to maintain the pH environment of low digestive tract of livestock and poultry, improve the digestibility of feed for young animals, and reduce diarrhea.

Product specification and dosage.

type specification

Solid A type

Solid type B

Liquid A type

Liquid type B

enzyme activity〔U/g(ml)〕





recommended dosage〔g(ml)/Tforage〕





Product storage: solid products are stored in a dry, cool place. Liquid products are stored in a dry, cooling (4C) storage room.

In case of storage, the guarantee period of effective content is one year.

Product character: yellow powder.

Scope of application: pigs, livestock and poultry.

Shelf life: 18 months.

Specification: 25Kg/ bag, 20 Kg/ barrel.

Technical services: technical issues such as product performance and effective component analysis, product application and other technical issues, the company's technical staff will be dedicated to provide you with professional services.

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