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Feeding Isoamylase

Feeding Isoamylase

Feeding isoamylase


Feeding isoamylase

Product Description:

Grain is an important component of animal diet, and starch in grain is the main energy source of monogastric animals. Because of the low amylase activity in the digestive tract of young animals, starch can not be fully digested. Even the apparent digestibility of starch in adult animals is only 80 to 95. So adding starch enzyme to feed can supplement the deficiency of endogenous enzyme in animal under certain conditions, so it can degrade starch more effectively. The isoamylase can hydrolyze the α -1C 6 glycoside bond and α -1N 4 glycoside bond in starch simultaneously, which can completely hydrolyze starch to form monosaccharide, and greatly improve the hydrolysis speed of starch. At the same time, and the rate of digestion, isoamylase can also resistant starch hydrolysis in the feed, and for the body to provide more energy. The feed is based on amylase enzyme resource development and application of national and local joint Engineering Research Center for the development of a new kind of feed supplies, is different from the current industrial high temperature amylase, the effect is especially suitable for existing livestock, could improve the growth performance of starch digestibility and animal, reduce environmental pollution.

Bacillus subtilis: Bacillus subtilis

Product specification and dosage

Product specification: 25kg / bag 3000 units / g

Add: 100-200 grams / ton

Product character: White or pale yellow powder.

Scope of application: pig, chicken, duck feed.

Shelf life: 18 months.

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