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Feed Lipase

Feed Lipase

Feed lipase


Feed lipase 

Product Description:

The feeding lipase is produced by the optimization of microbial strains, gene recombination and co fermentation.

product function:

1. Supplementation of endogenous lipase in animals can reduce the weaning stress of weaned piglets, reduce the incidence of fatty diarrhea, reduce the use of drugs, and improve the performance of animals.

2. The digestion and utilization of fat in feed is improved, the formula cost of feed energy is reduced and the ratio of meat and meat is improved.

3. It promotes the absorption and utilization of fat soluble vitamins and hormones, and provides essential unsaturated fatty acids for livestock and poultry to ensure the healthy growth of livestock and poultry, to ensure the balanced nutrition of animals, and to improve the apparent function of animals.

4. Reduce the amount of feed oil, reduce the risk of intestinal disease, reduce the formation of fatty liver, and improve the health of the animal.

5. Improve the animal's appearance, sleek, orderly development and intestinal health. To improve the uniformity of poultry, egg production and reproductive performance.

6. The results show that: in the containing rice bran, high oil corn, add the product of high oil meal in feed, can increase the apparent digestible energy of 5%-10%, improve the rate of weight gain of pigs and poultry 4%-8%, improve the utilization rate of feed 4%-10%, reduce fecal excretion.

Scope and amount of product application

Scope of application: This product is suitable for weanling piglets, piglets, aquatic products, poultry and other animals.

Product dosage: 100-200g/t

Feed lipase products for 10000U/g

Product specification and character

Size: 25kg / bag

Enzyme activity: 10000U/g, 20000U/g, 50000U/g (national standard)

Properties: White or light yellow powder effective action pH value: 4.0-9.0

Effective temperature: 20-50 degrees centigrade

Stored in a cool and dry place, the shelf life is 12 months.

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